For usage above 50,000 gallons, a progressively increasing rate shall be applied at 15% for each additional 5,000 gallons as an extension of the above table.

Due to increasing operations and maintenance costs the monthly fixed base rate will increase from $27.47 to $30.22 a month, and that includes the first 2,000 gal of usage.

The base rate for usage above that will increase from $2.60 /1,000 gal to $2.99 / 1,000 gal.  The rate of incremental increases, for additional usage, will be the same rate of increase.

The Capital Improvements costs a month will remain at $10.00.

Our rates were set in 2015 and not changed for 7 years. Through the years we have absorbed minor increases for Operations. Electricity, consumable costs and our subcontracts.

We believe this increase should allow us to again maintain our services and not adjust them for a number of years.

Pass through costs from SJRA, LSGCD, TCEQ, and testing and related charges will continue to be increased to match actual costs.

The increases will be made effective with water usage period recorded in January.

We make our readings around the 13th of each month so the first increase period will be from 13Jan to 13Feb, with the first billing invoice will be in mid March.

Thank you for your support of our service to y’all.
CMWSC Directors

The chart below shows the old rates compared to the new rates along with sample bill amounts  for residents within the Cape Malibu subdivision.
​(Rates for customers outside the subdivision, on Calvary and Coushatta, will continue to be 40% higher than customers within the subdivision.)

Increasing Water Rates Starting 2023