On June 28th, following the closure of the Chateau Woods M.U.D.'s previous trash collection company (USA Waste Solutions), the District entered into a temporary trash collection contract with Residential Recycling and Refuse of Texas (RRRTx) for the month of July. On July 28th, the District signed a longer term (5 years) contract with Residential Recycling and Refuse of Texas. The rate charged for trash service to the District by RRRTx is $23.95 per customer per month. The District absorbed the $5.94 price difference per customer for the month of July and will do so again for the month of August ($11.88 total per customer).

Since June 28th, the District has paid the higher price to RRRTx for the month's of July and August, but customers will not be charged the new rate until September. This decision was made in an effort to compensate customers who may have experienced service issues with USA Waste Solutions over the recent months. 

Effective with the bill due September 20th, the trash rate for all In-District Residential customers will be $23.95 + sales tax per month. 

For more information about what items are collected for residential trash service, as well as recyclable items, see the informational flyer below. You can also view / print the information sheet as a PDF by clicking here.

If you have any specific questions about service or to register a complaint, reach out to Residential Recycling and Refuse of Texas directly by phone (346-248-5222) or by visiting their website's Contact Us option at https://rrrtx.net/contact_us/

In-District Residential Trash Customers: