For Your Information

  • Water meters are read monthly around the 22nd of the month.
  • Water bills are mailed out no later than the 1st of the month.
  • Bills are always due on the 16th of the month (Customer's are given until the next business day if the 16th is on a weekend)
  • A $10.00 late fee is added to all unpaid accounts the day after the due date.
  • If services are disconnected for nonpayment a $30.00 disconnect/reconnect fee will be added.

New Construction Requirements

If service is requested at a property that has never had water service before there are some additional requirements that must be met prior to water connection. Please contact the billing office at 281-367-0935 with the address and any other information that you have regarding the property. After our office has an operator locate where the property is, we can give you the final charges that must be paid prior to the water being connected. The charges will be inclusive of a new tap fee (which vary throughout the W.S.C.), meter charge, service charge and a membership fee (or a deposit). 

Our office can usually have the tap completed and water service connected one week after the fees have been paid and the application turned in. 

Application For Water Service

Please make sure to complete the correct application for your property. Submitting an incorrect application may result in delays with water connection. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact the billing office at 281-367-0935.

‚ÄčIn order to connect water service (or transfer it into your name) an original (no copies can be accepted) application, all applicable fees and a copy of the applications photo ID must be submitted. Proof of ownership of the property must also be provided.

Once all of the fees (cash, check or money order only) and paperwork are received, our office will connect water service to your property within 36 hours.  

Non-Property Owners: On the application, the person who will be living in the house should complete all areas where it says Tenant or Resident and the Property Owner must complete all areas where it says Applicant or Member. A copy of both parties' photo identification is required.

Welcome Old Tamina Water Supply Corporation Customers

As defined by the TCEQ a Water Supply Corporation (W.S.C.) is a corporation that is owned by all of the members who receive water service. The members elect a board of directors to make decisions on behalf of the membership. The TCEQ also only permits property owners to be granted memberships in a Water Supply Corporation. This means that only the property owner can have water service in their name. Tamina has allowed non-owners (defined as 'renters' regardless of if rent is paid or not) to have water service provided that the property owner agrees to the terms of service and understands that as the member, the property owner is ultimately responsible for the water bill.